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Lungisha specialises in accident and breakdown recoveries. We take great pride in our repertoire of recovery vehicles which comprise an accident-wrecker vehicle, capable of recovering any unit with a gross weight of up to 56 tons; a roll-back breakdown recovery vehicle; and a fleet of light 1ton pick up’s used to transport mechanics to on site breakdowns. In addition, we are currently refurbishing a 12 ton crane which will be transported to on site locations on a 3 axle low bed.

“Lungisha specialises in accident and breakdown recoveries”

Our accident recovery wrecker is equipped with a 100ton winch and 2 jib cranes in order to be able to pick up an entire unit (horse and trailer) and transport it to its destination.

“Our accident recovery wrecker is equipped with a 100ton winch”

Our roll back breakdown recovery vehicle has a 7 meter fish tail deck equipped with ramps and a hydraulic winch capable of winching a number of vehicles up onto the deck, such as 10 ton mechanical horse, a front end loader or a forklift, for transport to its destination.

Our vehicles are prepped and readily available to travel throughout Zambia; Tanzania; Malawi; the Democratic Republic of Congo; Zimbabwe and as far as the Republic of South Africa

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